Project Management Plan Development

Are you ready to begin implementing your dissertation or grant-funded proposal and aren't sure where to start?


Are you unsure of how to turn your research plan into action steps to get the work done?


I can help you develop a general outline or detailed project implementation plan tailored to your proposal using my successful planning method. You can also use the plan as a training resource for new staff.

Let's discuss your specific needs.

Virtual Courses and Workshops

Not quite ready to work together one-on-one? No worries! I have created a couple of courses that will give you program management tips, best practices, and the strategic approach I use with researchers across the country to develop a step-by-step study implementation plans.


Course #1: For doctoral students, postdocs, and early career researchers who was to learn a proven strategy to take a dissertation or grant-funded proposal from an idea to action. In this three-week course, you will learn my proven strategy on creating a project implementation plan to lead your study with ease.


Course #2: For program managers, research coordinators, and research assistants who want to learn the basics of coordinating a research study effectively. In this 2-hour live webinar, you will learn the strategy I've used in the academic and federal sectors to take the frustration out of managing research studies. I will share many tips that I wish I knew before I started in the field.

Live Seminars or Workshops 

My work in various sectors has been instrumental in the development of my project plan development approach. Over the years, I have identified strategies and best practices to manage a project effectively. I would love to share this with your organization.


By the end of the seminar, attendees will understand:

  1. The true definition of a project management plan and the implementation gaps it addresses

  2. The crucial components of a project management plan

  3. How to use my proven mapping method to outline the key components of a project implementation plan for a research proposal


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